Marathon 7500 | Trail
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 The Organization for Protecting Nature and Turism  (CPNT) is organizing in period 12-15 July 2018 the 10th edition of Marathon 7500!

Marathon 7500 has become a story of the success of thousands of mountain people and runner for which the limits have been left behind. After 10 years, the moment for a change has come. In the 10th Edition we prepared 4 tracks , each track with its on story

The competition track is market on the maps with a blue line and the black line marks the recommended access road to the Start/Finish for those come with their own car  from Sinaia – Saua Dichiu – Padina – Pestera. With the red dots are marked the verification points. The competition track has to be performed in the ascending order of the red points.

Each race contains also the GPX format of the track.

CPNT proposes this short track to the people who want to have an idea of what Marathon 7500 is, a hard competition considering the ascent in a not so long length together with a  teammate. This race has the same spirit as 7500 only the distance is shorter 22 km and it will lead you to parts of the race where other competitors from the longer tracks will fight with tiredness and strive to cross the finish line.


Time Schedule


Lenght: 22 km
Positive level gain : 1600 m


Track GPS in format gpx


Salvamont Pestera –  Omu Hut P1
Omu Hut – Doamnele – Poiana Gutanu P2
Poiana Gutanu – Saua Strunga P3
Saua Strunga – Salvamont Pestera FINISH

The re-branding has happened. If until now this track has been called Hobby, now it received a new name. We do not like to call it the hardest marathon in the country but rather its little brother , a race recommended for accommodation for Marathon 7500, itself this track is a difficult but also beautiful one


Time schedule


Lenght: 45 km
Positive hight gain: 3200 m


Track GPS format gpx


Salvamont Pestera – Valea Obarsiei – Omu Hut P1
Omu Hut – Valea Cerbului – Gura Diham P2
Gura Diham – Poiana Izvoarelor- La Prepeleac P3
La Prepeleac – Bucsoiu –  Omu Hut P4
Omu Hut– Doamnele – Poiana Gutanu P5
Saua Strunga – Salvamont Pestera FINISH

The beautiful story has started in 2009 when a small group of mountain lovers decided that Romania needs a serious challenge. If we would have known back then that 90 km does not mean a Marathon probably the competition would have had a different name in combination with 7500 (the high gain). The 10th Edition will be probably be the last edition with this race (7500) but do not worry the Competition name will remain the same within the logo and also in our hearts.


Time schedule


Lenght: 90 km
Positive high gain: 7500 m


Track GPS in gpx


Salvamont Pestera –  Valea Dorului HutP1
Valea Dorului Hut–Poiana Stanii Hut P2
Poiana Stanii Hut – Hut Piatra Arsa P3
Hut Piatra Arsa – Intersection Jepi P4
IntersectionJepi – Jepii Mici- Hut Babele P5
Hut Babele – Salvamont Pestera P6
Salvamont Pestera – Hut Omu P7
Hut Omu – Valea Cerbului – Gura Diham P8
Gura Diham – Poiana Izv. – La Prepeleac P9
La Prepeleac – Bucsoiu – Hut Omu P10
Hut Omu – Ciubotea – Bran P11
Bran – begging  Valea Gaura P12
begging Valea Gaura – Valea Gaura – Hut Omu P13
Hut Omu – Doamnele – Poiana Gutanu P14
Poiana Gutanu – Saua Strunga P15
Saua Strunga – Salvamont Pestera FINISH

Few of you know that this was the initial track chosen for Marathon 7500 ten year ago but, because the limits were different we had to give up one of the most beautiful part of the track : Malaiesti Valey and shorten it. Now, together with the impressive progress in the trail running the time has come to dear to invite you for 4 times to Omu Hut. We consider that after 9 years we are all prepared for this.


Time schedule


Lenght: 100.5 km
Positive high gain: 8500 m


Track GPS in format gpx


Salvamont Pestera – Hut Valea Dorului P1
Hut Valea Dorului – Hut Poiana Stanii P2
Hut Poiana Stanii – Hut Piatra Arsa P3
Hut Piatra Arsa – Intersection Jepi P4
Intersection Jepi – Jepii Mici- Hut Babele P5
Hut Babele – Salvamont Pestera P6
Salvamont Pestera – Hut Omu P7
Hut Omu – Valea Cerbului – Gura Diham P8
Gura Diham – Poiana Izv. – La Prepeleac P9
La Prepeleac – Bucsoiu – Hut Omu P10
Hut Omu – Hut Malaiesti P11
Hut Malaiesti – Refuge Tiganesti P12
Refuge Tiganesti – Hut Omu P13
Hut Omu – Refuge Ciubotea P14
Refuge Ciubotea – Begginig Valea Gaura P15
Beginning Valea Gaura – Valea Gaura – Hut Omu P16
Hut Omu – Doamnele – Poiana Gutanu P17
Poiana Gutanu – Saua Strunga P18
Saua Strunga – Salvamont Pestera FINISH