General Information

– in case you do not show up at Start, you abandon or withdraw from the race from any reason  the registration fee is not returned.
– in case the competition is canceled because of an emergency situation or from reasons which do not depend on the organizers the tax is not returned


Registration fee 8th of March – 3rd of May 2018
4th of May – 15th of June 2018
Marathon 1600 200 lei / team 300 lei / team
Marathon 3200 300 lei / team 350 lei / team
Marathon 7500 350 lei / team 400 lei / team
Marathon 8500 350 lei / team 400 lei / team

For the registration follow the steps:

  1. Verify the details of the race in the Trail Menu
  2. Select the race which you want to attend
  3. Fill in the form (the details of the 2 members of the team)
  4. Make the payment
  5. Verify the email you will get the confirmation
  6. Verify the Participants Menu, you should find your team in the list