The Nature Protection and Tourism Club (CPNT) organizes, between 18th to 21nd of July 2013, the 5th edition of Marathon 7500 – a competition that involves running 90 kilometers in Bucegi Mountains. The marked trail has a cumulated positive gain of approximately 7500 meters. The Start / Finish line will be located near Mountain Rescue Team Headquarters. You can find here (link) details regarding the access.

The marathon has two sections (Elite and Hobby), each section having three categories (women, men, mixed). It is mandatory that teams are formed of two people.

The minimum age for joining the contest is 18 years.

The maximum race time is: 40 hours for Elite section and 16 hours for Hobby. Distance is approx. 90 km for the Elite section and approx. 45 km for the Hobby sections.

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