The tenth Marathon 7500

The Nature Protection and Tourism Club (CPNT) in Brasov organizes the tenth edition of Marathon 7500 between 12-15th of July.
Marathon 7500 has become a story. A success story of thousands of mountain lovers or runners, a story in which the limits have been left behind. After ten years it’s definitely the time for a change.
For the tenth edition, we have prepared four trails, each with its own story.



CPNT probably knows how to, but it seems it doesn’t want to organize easy races. 🙂 Our purpose has always been to encourage people hike and trek the way we like to do it. Marathon 1600’s purpose is to offer a brief impression of what Marathon 7500 has been: a mountain race that is tough due to its mighty vertical gain in respect to the relatively short distance, next to a teammate. This race matches 7500’s spirit entirely, but only on a 22km distance. It will take you through the places where the competitors in the longer races can barely keep their eyes open, fighting their need for sleep, their fatigue and also fighting the time left to reach the same finish line.

The long awaited re-branding just happened. What was up until now the Hobby Section has just gotten a new name. We don’t like to call it the toughest marathon race in the country, but rather the little brother or an acquaintance race for Marathon 7500, a very difficult race itself, as well as a very beautiful one.



The wonderful story began in 2009 when a few hardcore mountain lovers decided that Romania needed a serious challenge. Had we known at the time that 90 km doesn’t mean a marathon, we probably would have had a different word in front of the “7500”. 🙂 The tenth edition will probably represent the last one that will count 7500 meters in height gain, but don’t worry, the name and the spirit will be the same on the logo and in our souls.



Not many people know that this was initially the route chosen for Marathon 7500. Ten years ago, though, the limits were different, so we had to give up what is probably the most beautiful part of the trail: the Malaiesti Valley. Now, with the great progress in trail running, the time has come for us to dare to invite you 4 times to Omu peak in one race. We consider that after these 9 fruitful years, we are all ready for the challenge.


See you soon!